Olde Country WineryThe Olde Country Winery & Vineyard is one of the best vineyards I've ever had the honor of visiting. The Minnesota wine is absolutely delicious and the nice people that work there are REALLY friendly.

The vineyard is located in Lake Lillian, Minnesota and has the tallest wine bottle in the world! We all need something to be proud of, right? ;-) It also has the longest grape vine artwork in the world throughout the winery.

Olde Country Winery WineryIn January 2011, the winery decided to cease operations :-( Here's what the owner of this great winery had to say: "Olde Country Winery, Inc. has died, for the following reasons. Bremer Bank, Concord Bank, Hwy construction, $4.00 a gallon gas, Economic collapse of our economy. With adequate funding Olde Country Winery, Inc. would have been the number one winery in Minnesota today. With the cut of funding before completion of the winery, Irv Moen lost over $1,650,000.00 for his investment in Olde Country and today is 68 years olde and filing bankruptcy. Thanks to all the special people of the wine world, you are wonderful and I am very saddened, to not be a part of your world in the future. I tried, I failed, and it is better to have tried and failed, than to have never tried to live your dream. Irvin Palmer Moen President Olde Country Winery, Inc. I came into this world poor and regardless if I leave this world poor, it has been a very enjoyable ride."

It's always sad when a great winery, with such great wines and wine clubs goes under. We hope one day that the Olde Country Winery & Vineyard returns to bring us the great Minnesota wine that it always did.

Olde Country Winery wine clubs

Author: Mary Williams

Olde Country Winery Wine ClubsThe Olde Country Winery wine club was the best Minnesota wine club I was a member of. I've tried a lot of wine clubs and none were even close to being as good as the Olde Country Winery Wine Club. Wines were delivered once a month for 12 straight months. A nice little surprise in the mail every month :-)

The cost was $420 a year for 12 superb bottles of Minnesota wine, which comes out to $35 a bottle exactly. The price included all the tax and shipping costs most wine clubs hide until they bill your credit card.

As an extra benefit, you could also go pick up your wine at the winery. This option ensured you could get wine club membership for only $220 - a really nice discount! They'd even serve you the wine right there if you wanted to drink it at their winery tasting room. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there wasn't much to dislike about this Minnesota wine club.